Training Times and Info

Training takes place on a Tuesday evening - All Grades/Sizes/Breeds welcome.


7.30pm - 8.30 pm - Beginners - Novice group

8.30pm - 9.30 pm - Intermediate - Advanced


Trainers -     Emma Wallis - Grade 7 Handler, 

                    Pam Costello - Grade 7 handler,

                    Mark Watson -Grade 7 handler,

                    Julie Anderson - Grade 7 handler


Each group is taught by the trainers on a rotation basis. 


We are a fully registered agility club - which is different to a listed club or a general private club. What does this mean?


We are run by an elected committee; the club is owned by its members.

All the trainers and committee members give their time freely


You will find our training fees are considerably less than private/listed clubs.  There are a number of reasons for this.


1. No-one is making a profit from the club - everyone gives their time freely.

2. We run a weekend agility show every year. 


 The Show! 


 Our annual agility show is run every year currently at Wetherby race course. The small amount of profit that comes from the show is fed back into the club, which means we can subsidise training fees.  This means we can offer fantastic up to date training at a reduced cost.   HOWEVER, for us to offer reduced training fees to all our members we do expect each member to come to the show and helps for the weekend.  Its hard work but also great fun.

If you would like to join Otley DTS - please contact our club secretary by phone or email