About Us

Welcome to Otley DTS Agility.

Otley DTS is a Kennel Club Registerd Club established in 1963. We are a fully insured club.

Agility is an exciting sport being invented around 1978 as a fun demonstration at Crufts dog show by a group of Dog enthusiasts, one of those enthusiasts was an Otley DTS member Mr Don Horsfall - who sadly passed away in 2010.

It was soon realised that agility had great potential as a sport for dogs and handlers world wide.

Agility is fun, but please don't expect you dog to become a star in the first training session, it may look easy when you see the dogs whizzing round a course on TV, but what you don't see is the hours of hardwork that has gone into training dogs to that standard.

It really is about having fun and working with your dog to form a trust and a unique bond.

Our Trainers.

Otley DTS trainers are active experienced competitors in the sport, taking part in competitions most weekends.

Our trainers regularly attend training sessions with top UK handlers/trainers which means our trainers are up to date and bring the most progressive and modern training methods back to the club to share with its members.

ALL of our trainers have experience of owning and training a variety of breeds.

Otley DTS only uses positive reward based training methods and has a ZERO tolerance approach to harsh handling.

Training takes place indoors in a well lit equestrian centre in the winter months and a mixture of indoors and outdoors in the summer months

Agility Training .

Wednesday Evenings - 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm - All Grades/Sizes/ Breeds